Club Members


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Hannah Weber


Hannah is a small human who likes to climb big mountains. One time, she built a fire and lit it with one match and is still too proud of it. She will drop anything to pet a doggo and dreams of one day making her own maple syrup. Hannah’s favorite outdoor activities are hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and skiing. She loves to travel and wants to experience as much culture, nature, and food as possible. Hannah is majoring in Environmental Analysis and Policy and hopes to save the planet.

Will Chang

Vice President

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Taipei, and currently living in New York, Will has been out and about since he was a wee child. When not working towards his undergraduate degree in International Relations and Political Science, Will is an activist for social and environmental issues. His favorite hobbies include climbing, hiking, and reading; preferably all together! A fun fact about Will: he once went on a caving expedition in Switzerland with a team that didn’t speak English. Fortunately rope knots are universal, so Will is still here with us today leading trips!


Jessica Hudson

Social Media Committee

Jess grew up hiking out of her backyard on Mt. Tamalpais in the Bay Area. Between annual family camping trips to Yosemite and family in Tahoe, it was hard to not grow up loving the outdoors, no matter the weather, even through mosquitos and way too much time in the car. She loves skiing, road trips, film and photography, peanut butter, sometimes being ridiculously Californian, and getting new people excited about being outside. She enjoys exploring what new things the east coast has to offer.

Amber Wendler

Gear Manager

Amber is from New York. She has been active in the outing club for 2 years. She is studying Biology and is extremely passionate about the environment. Last fall she spent the semester abroad exploring Ecuador. When she’s not hiking, you can find her running or doing yoga.



Trip Leaders

Amanda DeJesus

Trip Leader

Amanda is the social committee head and outing club mom. You can find her making cookies for all trips and driving people around in her green station wagon, whose name is Oscar. Amanda is from the San Francisco Bay Area and has spent time working in National Parks across the country. She would like to one day be a chef or a photographer for an outdoor magazine.

Helena Popova

Trip Leader

Helena is a senior at BU studying business marketing and PR and has been part of the outing club family since freshman year. Originally from Latvia, Helena has gotten the chance to explore the outdoors around Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the states. Some hobbies include travel, the outdoors, and photography. Favorite and most challenging trip Helena has done with BUOC has been a winter camping trip at Mt. Liberty.

Jake Nazarian

Trip Leader

Jake was born and raised in New Hampshire and loves New England. He’s a big skier and loves hiking, especially in the winter. After studying abroad in France, he’s been hooked on traveling, so he’d love to chat if you have any stores or places you want to visit. He’s also a mechanical engineerings major and loves talking to other nerds!


Bailey Garton

Trip Leader

Bailey is a local of Vail, Colorado and is currently in her second year at BU studying Film and Television. Before she settled down into the books, however, she spent three years traveling and working around the world. Joining the group Up With People as they went to Asia, Europe, and Mexico, as well as working for a Great White Shark Diving boat and in a Monkey Sanctuary in South Africa, it’s been difficult to stay still. Now, you can find her pushing Freediving at Outing Club meetings and all things Rafting or SCUBA. Anything water or snow related, she’s your girl.

Kevin “Cotton” Kasper

Trip Leader
Cotton is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. He comes from Florida, where winter is the best day of the year.

Katherine Ward

Email Manager/Webmaster Guru

Katherine has been a trip leader since the fall of her freshman year. She has led hiking, bouldering, kayaking, and ski strips. Her professional experience includes over 4 years of working at a rock climbing gym. She is a self proclaimed gear geek and lover of trail mix.


Jessica Peters

Trip Leader

Jessica, from all the way down in North Carolina, is a junior studying electrical engineering. In the summers she works as a white water rafting instructor on the mighty class V Ocoee River! At BU, she sings in an a cappella group that got to sing for Obama last semester! She loves the outdoors and stays stoked to the max to get out there and get after it!


Brian Abdallah

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Faculty Adviser