Club Members

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Clark Edwards

Co President

Gillian King

Co President

Grace  Maddox


Douglas Darrah


Trip Leaders

Jessica Hudson

Trip Leader

Jess grew up hiking out of her backyard on Mt. Tamalpais in the Bay Area. Between annual family camping trips to Yosemite and family in Tahoe, it was hard to not grow up loving the outdoors, no matter the weather, even through mosquitos and way too much time in the car. She loves skiing, road trips, film and photography, peanut butter, sometimes being ridiculously Californian, and getting new people excited about being outside. She enjoys exploring what new things the east coast has to offer.

Hannah Weber

Trip Leader

Hannah is a small human who likes to climb big mountains. One time, she built a fire and lit it with one match and is still too proud of it. She will drop anything to pet a doggo and dreams of one day making her own maple syrup. Hannah’s favorite outdoor activities are hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and skiing. She loves to travel and wants to experience as much culture, nature, and food as possible. Hannah is majoring in Environmental Analysis and Policy and hopes to save the planet.

Brian Abdallah

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Faculty Adviser