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East Osceola Overnight [03/18-03/19]

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Overnight trip to climb one of New Hampshire’s snowy 4,000 footers in the midsts of the White Mountains range. We will be camping at hancock campground overnight, then aiming to hike up East Osceola starting at the Greeley Pond Trailhead the following morning. It will be a 3 mile climb up some strenuous steep paths to the peak at 4,156 ft (1,267 m) from sea level. Hiking experience is REQUIRED! This is not a beginners hike, and is for the more adventurous hikers. If time permits, and the group is up for it we can continue our ascent to the main peak of Osceola mountain at 4,315 ft (1,315 m) through an additional mile of trailing. The weather is forecasted to be around 24˚F (-4˚C) with an overnight low of 10˚F (-12˚C), and a 60% precipitation of snow throughout the weekend. In total we will meet up Saturday at noon to drive up to the campground where we will set up for the night, then Sunday morning we will start our 6-8 miles of arduous mountaineering at sunrise. Aiming to be back at Boston at 7-8 P.M. Food will be provided for dinner & breakfast at the campground, and a small lunch to carry up the mountain. It is advised to bring some extra snacks for the climb as the lunch will be limited.

Difficulty: Advanced

Time: Saturday noon to Sunday afternoon/dusk.

Cost: 20$ for Members, 30$ for non-members

What to bring:

Must bring:

1.PLENTY OF LAYERS!!! (no cotton) This is a winter hike so be prepared for wet & snowing conditions

2. Winter snow boots.

3. At least 3L of water

4.Wool socks and thermal bottom layer

5. Head/Neck coverings. Forecasted to possibly snow the whole weekend

6.Trail mix snacks to keep you going on the hike.


Optional: Whichever of these you don’t bring will be provided by the outing club

8. Sleeping bag & pad


10. Microspikes/crampons/snowshoes

11. Any foods for special dietary needs.

Pre-departure meeting Friday (03/17/2017) at noon. 

To check everyone has the proper gear.

Plan to depart Saturday (03/18/2017) from behind the CAS parking lot in front of the BU Admissions building.

Sign ups go live Wednesday 03/15/2017 at noon. Use the link here

Questions? Contact trip leader Fez at or 727-773-6344

[10/07-10/09] Mount Whiteface Overnight

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Ever wonder what happens on Eboard trips?

Come experience it firsthand at Mount Whiteface in Sandwich, NH!

Mount Whiteface was the location for our 2015 Eboard trip. It’s a fun, relaxing, and beautiful hike on the Sandwich range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The difficult sections of the hike are steep but short. Come out and enjoy the fall foliage!


Difficulty: Medium

The hike is approximately 7 miles. Should take about 6-7 hours including breaks and lunch. We have the option to hike further to the nearby peak of Mount Passaconway, which would be an addition of 4 miles total.


When: Most likely leave late on Friday night and get back Sunday afternoon. We will need to get up early for the hike!


Things to bring:

Hiking boots highly preferable, sneakers/shoes with traction okay. No open toed shoes!

Water, and lots of it!

Snacks and 2 lunches

Warm winter cloths. It will get VERY cold at night. Consider gloves/hats. No jeans.

BUOC Waiver Form (Accessible here). Don’t do the SAO form.


We will provide camping equipment, dinner, and breakfasts.

Cost: $30 for members and $40 for non-members, covers transportation, gear, camping fee, 2 breakfasts and dinner.


Sign up here! Sign ups live Wednesday 9/28 at 11am!

Questions? Contact the trip leader Joe Zhou at 617-678-8121 or

[09/25] Blue Hills Day Hike

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Come enjoy nature on a beautiful and easy day hike just outside of Boston at Blue Hills!!

We’re meeting up at Marsh Plaza at 9:45am and will return approximately at 4:00pm. The only cost is Uber transportation to and from Blue Hills.

Difficulty: Easy

Things to bring:

Sneakers/Hiking boots, no open toed shoes!

Snacks and Lunch! We’ll be stopping around noon to have lunch at Houghton Pond.

Cash so you can pay others back for the uber ride! (Or just download Uber app and split fare). Should be around $10 per person there and back.

Lots and lots of water!

Bathing suit/change of cloth and towel if you want to go for a swim at Houghton Pond. There’s a really nice beach and picnic area there!

Sign ups go live Wednesday 9/21 at 11:00am.

Sign up here!

If you have any questions, feel free to email the trip leader Joe Zhou at!

[9/24] Mount Osceola Day Hike

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Hey BUOC Members!  Come Hike Mount Osceola!

This Saturday (9/24), we will be taking a group up to New Hampshire to Hike Mount Osceola!

This is a hard hike, we will summit two 4,000ft peaks and the trail leading up to them is steep, so this hike is only for experienced hikers. You know your abilities better than we do, we just want everyone to have a good time on this trip.

We’ll meet at Marsh Plaza at 6am (yeesh, early I know but I promise it will be worth it). We can hit Dunkin Donuts on the way for coffee/breakfast, and we will spend about 20-30 minutes on the Kancamagus Highway, which is in my opinion the most beautiful road in New Hampshire (and hopefully the leaves might be starting to change). We’ll arrive to the parking lot at about 9am and hike 2.8 miles up East Osceola (This 2.8 mile trail is steep). Probably take a snack break and then¬†traverse 1 mile (of difficult/technical scrambling) to reach the summit of Mount Osceola where we will eat lunch with a beautiful view. Then we’ll retrace our steps down to the parking lot, and¬†head back to Lincoln, NH where we will take a pit stop and I’ll show you my favorite candy store (and those¬†that are hungry can pop into Subway). Then we’ll take a ~45 minute detour for a little surprise (bring your bathing suit!) and then we’ll head back to Boston. We’ll try to be back to Boston by 8:30pm. As of right now, they are predicting a high of¬†65 degrees at the base of the mountain on Saturday, so it will likely be cooler (~50) and possibly windy at the top, so plan accordingly for some nice crisp fall air!

Key Points:

  • You have to be at Marsh at 6am! (Then you can sleep in the car)
  • Both East Osceola and Mount Osceola are over 4,000 feet in elevation so there will be great views
  • This is a steep, 8 mile hike, so¬†previous hiking experience is definitely necessary
  • Plan for significantly cooler weather (~50 degrees)
  • You are responsible for your own lunch on the trail
  • Bring your bathing suit!
  • You’ll be home for dinner/evening festivities
  • Drivers go for free!!
  • The cost will be $17 for non-members, and $7 for members

Signups will go live at the following link on Tuesday at 7pm!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me, Jake, at

Hope to see you this weekend!


[4/24] Hike Mt. Monadnock!

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Join us!

This Sunday, April 24th, we will hike Mt. Monadnock, the most hiked mountain in the Northeast!

This will be a small group, 8 people total, all in one van.  We will meet at Marsh Plaza at 9am for departure, drive 2 hours to Mt. Monadnock, hike, summit around 1pm, hike down, drive back to campus, and arrive back at BU around 5:30pm.

We will hike the White Cross Trail, which is one of the easiest trails on the mountain.  It is 2.1 miles to the summit from the base, and takes most people about 1.5 hours.  (4.2 miles round trip, 3-4 hours total)

Sign ups will go live SOON!!!

If you have any questions, please email Alli at

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Middlesex Fells Day Hike (4/17)

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The weather should be perfect this weekend for a nice easy hike through Middlesex Fells Reservation right outside of Boston!

Sign ups are closed. If you already signed up check your email for confirmation.

When: Sunday April 17th. Leave Marsh Plaza at 12:30pm, return by approximately 5pm.

What to bring/wear:

sneakers or hiking boots


lunch and snacks

a few dollars if you don’t have uber/lyft

If you have any questions: email Katherine Ward at


Lily Bay Overnight [4/16 – 4/18]

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Moosehead Lake as seen from the air above Rockwood, Maine. Northern Forest.

Moosehead Lake as seen from the air above Rockwood, Maine. Northern Forest.

Hey everyone!! Amanda DeJesus and I (Aodhan Hinksmon) are leading a trip to Lily Bay State Park in beautiful Maine!

It’s going to be an overnight trip during the weekend of the 16th and MARATHON MONDAY!¬†Making it back in time to watch the marathon is completely dependent on the drivers going on this trip, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of signing up.

If that doesn’t discourage you, though, get ready to have a great time! The wonderful people of Lily Bay Park are allowing us to camp there BEFORE THEIR SEASON STARTS, which means we get the whole campground TO OURSELVES!! WHAT’S BETTER THAN THAT??

Not to mention, this campground is right on the water of Moosehead Lake, which is the largest lake in Maine. Also, one of the longer hiking trails runs along the lake’s¬†border, which will surely make for some great views.

The current plan for this trip is to leave the morning of Saturday the 16th¬†and leave the morning of Monday the 18th. Adventures include CAMPING, HIKING, EXPLORING, BIRD/ANIMAL WATCHING, STAR GAZING and MOOOORE! Use your dang imagination people, it’s the outdoors!

Further details about the trip will be given after signups, which will happen Friday (8th) afternoon. But, if you have any questions or concerns about the trip, feel free to contact me or Amanda via email (at the bottom). I also encourage you to check out Lily Bay’s website and map. (Aodhan)            (Amanda)

Image source:¬†×400.jpg


[4/8 – 4/9] North Kinsman

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Kinsman Pond

Did you miss us?

Join us for an overnight trip to the White Mountains on April 8-9! We’ll be staying at Lafayette Campgrounds on April 8th, and hiking up to Kinsman Pond and North Kinsman the next day.

When: Late afternoon April 8th – Evening April 9th

Difficulty: Intermediate-Hard (Approximately 8.5 Miles, occasional steep slopes, there will probably be snow/ice on the ground)

Cost: $20 for members, $30 for non-members

What to bring:

  • Backpack!!
  • Warm winter cloths
  • Water, water, AND TONS MORE WATER
  • Lunch
  • Hiking boots (Otherwise something with good traction and preferably waterproof)
  • BUOC Waiver Form (Accessible here)

We will provide camping equipment, dinner, and breakfast. We will also bring micro spikes that will be required for safety measures.

We still need one more driver!! If you can drive please contact the trip leader Joe at 617-678-8121 or Drivers get to go on trips for free and gets gas reimbursed!

Signups live April 6th at 12 pm here!!

Questions? Contact the trip leader Joe Zhou at 617-678-8121 or

[4/15] Sunrise Yoga Trip

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What are you doing to start your weekend?

Why not attend a sunrise yoga session with the Boston University Outing Club?

Join us…

We will meet Friday, April 15, on the top floor of Student Village 2 at approximately 6am to begin our morning yoga session and take in the beautiful views as the sun rises over Boston to bring a new day upon us.

Following sunrise yoga, we will have a brief casual reflection with tea and coffee where yogis can meet and get to know each other.  The Dean of Students may be joining us, too!

If you have any questions, please contact Alli at


Sign up here:


We hope to see you there!


Easter Excursion in Myles Standish State Forest !! 03/27

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Myles Standish

Sprawling across the southern sections of Plymouth and Carver, Myles Standish State Forest is the largest publicly owned recreation area in southeastern Massachusetts. MSSF offers a massive forest with scenic views along with 16 (fishable) ponds. Everything is beautifully maintained.
A day-use area at College Pond offers picnicking, swimming, fishing, canoeing. Fifteen miles of bicycle trails, 35 miles of equestrian trails and 13 miles of hiking trails take visitors deep into the forest, which includes one of the largest contiguous pitch pine/scrub oak communities north of Long Island.



194 Cranberry Rd, South Carver, MA 02366



$10 for Members

$20 for Non-Members



Sign up here: