Our Alumni

BUOC and Alumni

The Boston University Outing Club has been around for over 65 years. In that time, hundreds of Boston University students have participated in our events, helped build our club, and forged bonds between each other in the mountains. We believe our outing club provides a unique opportunity, in a city like Boston, to take an adventure. In these adventures to places like the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Adirondacks in New York, students find themselves surrounded by others with similar interests and appreciation for the wild. Packs are donned, fires are started, and long lasting friendships begin.

It is now our aim to bring these many generations of friends together to the benefit of the club and those who have been involved. We have begun an annual alumni weekend to bring different generations of BUOC-ers together in the mountains for stories, lessons, and time together outside. Alumni of BUOC, please follow the link below so that we may get to know you, coordinate with you, and add a special new layer of depth to our club.

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