How to Participate in BUOC Events

Mt. Katahdin Summit

Membership – $20/semester, $30/year

We do encourage those who participate in our events to become official members by paying a $20 fee per semester or $30 fee per year.  You will receive:

  1. $10 Off All Trips
  2. Priority on all trips, our mailing list has over 2,000 people on it so trips fill up fast!

Non-Membership – Free

Anybody is welcome to come on our trips, from the seasoned ridge runners to the backyard-explorers. We are an all-inclusive club and encourage everybody–undergrads, graduate students, faculty and alumni–to get involved.¬† You don’t need to be a member of our club to join the fun! Sign up for our Mailing List (on the right side of the page) and get email updates on upcoming trips.


If you’re even more psyched about our mother nature, become a trip leader! Are there any trips you’ve been thinking about, but don’t have the means/money/equipment? Let the BUOC lend a hand and help you find all of these. And the best part of all: trip leaders don’t pay for the trips they run.¬†Its just a little thanks from us to you.

Still shy? At least join our Google group! You’d get updates about our latest trips and events. We’re also on Facebook. Join the group and Sign-up for our Mailing list to the right!