[11/21] Mineral Collecting

November 18th, 2015 | Posted by buoutingclub in Trips


The BUOC has gotten in contact with EarthDance, a retreat dance company with a retired manganese/rhodonite mine on its property. It was closed down 75 years ago and the public are welcome to get a tour from their Mineral Coordinator and have free range of tailing areas (where they dumped the minerals and stones they couldn’t profit off of) to explore and take home whatever they find! Here are the details:

WHAT: Gem collecting at the retired Anson G. Betts Mine

WHEN: Saturday, November 21st (leave BU 8:30am and return to BU at 5pm)

WHERE: 262 Prospect St, Plainfield, MA 01070

HOW: Because we will be collecting in the tailing areas, there is very little to no digging required. In some areas, there are minerals and rocks everywhere, it’s just a matter of cracking them open. Many of the minerals have oxidized over time causing the rocks to blacken on the outside and it only takes a whack of a hammer to reveal the surprises inside.

WHAT TO BRING: Everyone collecting on the sight must be wearing safety goggles as we will be using hammers to crack open rocks. The more hammers the better! If you have a hammer, your roommate has a hammer and your aunt’s labradoodle has a hammer, bring all three! The more hammers we have, the more people can find cool things. We will be labeling and taping borrowed hammers and goggles to ensure that they are all returned to their respective owners.

HOW MUCH: The price for this trip will be between $15-$20 depending on how many people sign up and how many drivers we have. This price includes EarthDance’s $10 donation fee for each person collecting.

WHAT WE CAN FIND: Rhodonite (Massachusetts state gemstone!), Rhodochrosite, Spessartine Garnets, Tephroite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite, and Almandine Garnets.

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