[10/27/2018] Mount Carrigain Sunrise Hike

April 16th, 2019 | Posted by buoutingclub in Trips

Hey BUOCers!!! My name is Clark and I will be running a sunrise hike up Mount Carrigain in the White Mountains. We are hoping for some killer views weather permitting. The plan is to leave campus at probably 10PM on Friday in order to drive up, should be about a 3 hour drive. Once we get there we will rest for an hour an hour or two and start hiking by 2:30 am on Saturday. The hike is five miles each way. It will be in the dark and headlamps are a necessity. We do have them If needed. The hike defiantly requires you to have experience with moderate to challenging hikes as it will be in the dark and the mountain is 4,700 ft. As always remember to bring lots of water, layer up, remember your hiking boots, and bring snacks. Remember it is the end of October so it will be cold you can always take layers off.

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